About Us

Programs and Initiatives We Support

I. Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) ~ This initiative is part of an international platform designed by our partners at Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. This program will impact the lives of girls in grades six through eight by providing leadership development, civic engagement, enhanced academic preparation and character building. The increasing demands of the twenty-first century mandate that our youth be better leaders at a younger age and have the ability to make smart choices with positive consequences. 

II. Health & Fitness ~ Encourage personal fitness and healthy life styles. We work to support organizations which advance access to treatment and coordinate awareness and advocacy campaigns to reduce health disparities, save lives and impact health related legislation. Co-sponsor health forums designed to address diseases which disproportionately affect women girls and minorities and provide information on prevention and treatment options.

III. Economic Security ~ Through our partnership with the Aurora Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc., this effort expands the current programs related to wealth building and allocation of resources, home ownership, estate planning, support and empowerment of female owned businesses and urban enterprise zones.


Founded in 2003 as an all volunteer non-profit organization, The Ivy Community Fund, Inc. has been serving the Aurora, Colorado community for over ten years.  We sponsor community-based outreach programs and youth leadership initiatives that are designed to assist African Americans, other minority groups and the disadvantaged poor.


The Ivy Community Fund (ICF) is an innovative nonprofit organization founded and sustained by volunteers with the mission to improve the life-opportunities and health of those in need.  We achieve this through supporting community-based youth leadership programs, health & fitness expositions and various community-based workshops that have been designed to help with resume writing, entrepreneurship opportunities and financial management do's and don'ts.  Our collaboration with other agencies, organizations and individuals, provides the foundation necessary to identify and address specific needs in our communities; and it is through this method of sharing resources and information we have the ability to help strengthen communities within the state of Colorado.